37.不会吧? That won't happen, will it?

e.g. He will win the game. That won't happen, will it?

不会吧? No, she's not like that, is she?

e.g. Are you sure she stole the jewels? No, she's not like that, is she?

不会吧? No, it won't, will it?

e.g. He may not have much longer to live.

B: No, he won't die, will he?

不会吧? No way! (or Be smart!, 较礼貌一点)

37. 起内哄。 Fighting one's own. / In-fighting.

e.g. That company wasted too much time fighting its own.

A: I won't tolerate this in-fighting!

38. 狗屎运! Lucky bastard!

e.g. He won the lottery! Lucky bastard!

39. 没风度。 Crass

e.g. He's so crass. There's no way I would date him.


40. 你说呢? So what?

e.g. You are such a bad person. Who's gonna like you?

B: So what?

你说呢! You tell me!

e.g. What are we going to do?

B: You tell me!

注:说“So what”时,若语气冷淡,则表示不在乎;若语气带挑衅,则表示不要人干涉,有“你管我 ”“那又怎样”的意思。

41. 别傻了! Wise up! e.g. Please, you believe that? Wise up!

Don't be silly!

e.g. I think we can get everyone to give us money.

B: Don't be silly.

注:当女孩子说“Don't be silly”时,大多是在打情骂俏。

42.别闹了! Keep it down! e.g. You kids are too loud! Keep it down!

注:Keep it down是不要闹了,但keep it up意思完全不同,是用来勉励对方

继续努力下去。如果keep it up!用威吓的语气说就变成:若继续下去后果就不堪设想


42. 不许碰! Don't touch it! / Hands off!

43. 胆小鬼! Coward!(Chicken) e.g. He dare not do it! What a coward!

44. 考虑中! Sitting on the fence。

e.g. I haven't decided what to do. I'm sitting on the fence.

注: 表示此人的决定仍摇摆不定,随时会受人影响。

45. 认输吧! Give in! e.g. Give in! You won't have a chance.

注: 也可用“give it up!”,意即“不要再试了,你只是在浪费时间”。

46. 抢劫啊! Rip off! e.g. That shirt cost me $3,000! What a rip-off!

注: rip当名词也可当动词,所以可说:He really ripped me off.

47. 别催我! Don't rush me. e.g. I'm on it! Don't rush me. 别催我!我正在做呢!

48. 再联络! Keep in touch。

49. 干得好! Good job. / Well done!

50. 真划算。 What a great deal!(What a bargain!)

e.g. I got two bikes for the price of one. What a great deal!

注:这里的deal是指买卖交易。在其他情况中“What’s the deal?”, “What’s going on?”, “Why are you doing this?” 都是在询问“怎么了?”。

51. 看好喔! Watch me!


52. 死定了! I'm dead!

e.g. I lost my computer. I'm dead. What am I going to do?

I'm dead meat.

e.g. I failed the exam! I'm dead meat!

注:以上两句都是十分夸张的句子,表示真的不知如何是好,另外,常见的句子有“You’ll be the death of me.”意思是指你和你惹的麻烦会毁了我。

53. 羡慕吧! Eat your heart out!

e.g. Look out all these girls all over me! Eat your heart out! You're never gonna find a girl who will like you.


54. 无所谓。 Whatever。

e.g. You can do what you want. Whatever.

注:这是年轻人很常用的俚语,除了无所谓外,还有以下的意思:① I don't care! (我才不在乎) ② etc., etc, (等等,诸如此类的) ③ No! ④ That's not the way it is, but I don't give a damn. (才不是那样的,不过我不理它。)在不同上下文作不同解释。

55. 别装蒜! Don't play innocent. / Don’t play dumb!

56. 去你的! f**k you! (这句话十分粗俗,用生气或厌恶的语气说,有“滚你的妈妈的蛋”之意。

57. 分摊吧! Let's go Dutch.

58. 你做梦! You're dreaming. e.g. That will never happen. You're dreaming.

注:“Dream on!”意思也是一样,另外多了点玩笑的态度。

59. 你真笨! You're so lame!

e.g. You're so lame. Even a kid can make it. Try again.

注:Lame 原来的意思是跛脚、不适当的意思。在这里指人不够酷、无能。

60. 并不想。 Don't feel like it.

e.g. Come out with us tonight. It'll cheer you up.

B: I don't feel like it.

61. 好可惜。 What a shame (pity).

62. 随便你。 (It's )Up to you. Whatever.

63. 安分点! Behave! e.g. Stop making so much noise! Behave.

注: 年轻人用这句话的时候,多是在闹着玩的情况下,要对方“安分点”;男女朋友在打情骂俏时也会叫对方“安分”一点。

64. 再说啦! We'll talk about it later.

65. 分手吧! Let's break up.

66. 你看吧! I told you so!

e.g. I told you so! It won't work See!

e.g. Like I said, it’s not as hard as you thought it'd be. See!

67. 不要脸! Shameless! e.g. I can't believe she's wearing that! Shameless!

注:本句除了用shameless外,也可用“She has no shame.”。

68. 别管他! Don't worry about it.

e.g. I don't want to look bad.

B: Don’t worry about it. No one will notice. Don’t pay attention to it.

e.g. That guy over there is staring at me.

B: Don’t play attention to it.

69.怎么说? How do I say this? e.g. It’s so hard to explain. How do I say this? What do you mean?

e.g. I’m feeling sorry for him.

B: What do you mean?

70.胡扯的! That’s rubbish!

e.g. It’s no like that at all. That’s rubbish.

71. 蛮配的。 Suits you well.

e.g. That color looks really good on you. It suits you well.

72. 很恶心! Blood and gore.

e.g. I don’t like scary and violent movies. There’s too much blood and gore.

That’s so gross!

e.g. Will you stop making those gestures? That’s so gross!

注:”Blood and gore”多半是指电影而言,而”gross”在一般的情况下都可使用。

73.懂了吗? Get it?

e.g. We broke up two months ago! Stop calling me. Do you get it?

(Do you) know what I mean? / know what I’m saying?

e.g. That’s the way it is. ( Do you ) know What I mean? You know?

e.g. I really hate this. You know?

74. 别装了! Stop pretending.

e.g. I know you hate it. Stop pretending.

注: Pretending可用playing 代替。

75.神经病。 Crazy!

e.g. You can’t do that! Crazy!

注:这字暗示某人精神失常,行为反常;年轻人的俚语常以”mentally challenged” 代替crazy。

76.免了吧! No need!

e.g. I want to make sure that I get it straight.

B: There’s no need. Forget it.

注: “no need”可自成一句,也可在句中使用。如:There was no need to call the president.

77.又来了! Again.

e.g. Here it come again. I don’t want to deal with it.That’s typical.

e.g. He’s not taking responsibility for this mistake.

B: That’s typical.

78. 不骗你! Not joking。

e.g. Believe me. I’m not joking.

79.我请客。My treat。

e.g. please, it’s your birthday. My treat!

注: Treat也作动词用,如:I’ll treat you tonight. (今晚我请客。)

80.不赖嘛! Not bad。

81.去死啦! Go to hell!

e.g. you’re such a bully. Go to hell.

注:生气时在口语上诅咒别人去死前面有时会加上”you can”。

82.冷静点! Calm down!

e.g. Don’t get so excited. Calm down. Keep your pants/shirt on!

e.g. What’s the hurry? Keep your pants/shirt on!

83.我保证。 I guarantee.

e.g. You’ll be fine. I guarantee.

84. 我发誓! I swear!

e.g. It will never happen again. I swear!


① I swear by my bike that I can get anywhere in town in 15minutes. (swear by…, 对着…发誓,表示很有信心)。② The chief of justice swore in the president. (司法院长监督总统宣誓就职)。

③ I’m going to swear ff candy for the next month. (下个月我要戒吃糖果)。

85.来单挑! Let’s fight one-on-one!

e.g. let’s go, you and me, let’s fight one-on-one.

B: All right, leave the others alone. It’s between you and me. 


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